Very little is known of Neith. She's not from New Paris, and has a somewhat exotic origin story that is as mysterious as her arrival in this story.

She is however a strong and resiliant person who has the ability to adapt to her new surroundings. She's probably not dangerous, but then, she might not be entirely forthcoming about her intentions. She has somebody on her mind, and that's sometimes a good thing.

But not always.


Adnet is a PAND-0 series robot. He isn't available for assignment, for he is already a servitor to a very prominant figure. He too is not originally from New Paris, and his presence there has not entirely been authorised.

Adnet is a personnel servitor robot who is programmed with one-to-one protocal. As human flesh and skin bots were banned a decade before, all robots had reverted to having


Delwyn was born in the first year of her parent's five year contract on New Paris. Her parents had always felt guilty knowing that she would spend the first four and a half years of her life on a desolate planet, surrounded with dangers and restrictions.

Delwyn at the age of four received her first autometon companion, P8, who soon became her best (and only) friend on New Paris. She never really mixed with the other children, and preferred to stay close with P8, and her family.

Delwyn has a strong passion for photography, music, and is very competitive. Her parents hope that she is able to put these skills to practice once they make their move to a regular life out in the colonies.


Elise and Marden were married just prior to taking the joint assignment on New Paris. In fact, if it wasn't for Marden's skills in biomechanical engineering, they would never have considered such a long term contract. The rewards outweighed the time however, as they would be guaranteed a choice of colony and given autonomy and self determination to fly through the great corridor as elite citizens. A small price to pay for being on a planet surrounded with prisoners.

Elise is an administrator and took the job of quota census administrator, ensuring that the prison kept up with the demand of resources needed to run a prison efficiently and to a budget. After four years, they had both grown weery of the challenge and were now looking forward to moving on to greener pastures.


Tobin was an opportunist, even as a small child. He suffered greatly in his youth which sadly pushed him towards a lfe of petty crime. His ambition as a thief got the better of him and he eventually crossed the line. His crimes remained private once he was sent to the desert prison facility on New Paris.

All prisoners were sworn to never divulge their crimes, for they were all considered to be the same. He had served for over forty years before he received a biomechanical arm - as a part of the colonies deep, dark ambition to utilise prisoners as workers for the duration of their life sentences, without the excuse of tiring. As Tobin was the most senior prisoner within the complex, he was the first to be fitted with a biomechanical arm. He is rarely referred to by name, and answers to his code name: prisoner 224.



New Paris is a small planetoid set on the outer marker of the colonial corridor. It's only landmark (point of interest) is a maxiumum security prison facility.

Recently, a colflict of interests between the two factions have caused great friction. It appears that the CS fact

Prisoners there have no chance of release or reconsideration for their crimes.

There is an intentional strong turnover / rotation of staff, who all earn colonial privelidges after completing a minimum of a five year term. On New Paris, everybody, in their own way is serving time.

The planetoid's system was claimed under the Colonial Soverienty - created out of Old Earth's former European Union and the Republic of Nile Delta.

The planet was given its name, not because it bore any resemblance to Paris of Old Earth, but isntead, to ensure they were not dismissed for its lack of resources or appeal.

ion have different priorities, having abandoned many regions along the colonial corridor in order to distance themselves from their Old Earth connections.Many of the poorer citizens - those not deemed worthy of exploring the farpoint regions of space - have been cut loose, sold out, or otherwise excommunuicated from their colonial connections. In short, the CS faction have become elitist in its form, function and attitude, leaving a humanitarian crisis along in their wake.

The Nile Delta faction (RND) have therefore been pushed back: forced to pick-up the pieces, and have taken accountability for the CS faction's mistakes. RND have now set out ensure the abandoned colonies have their rights acknowledged and that the unskilled are retrained and given a chance to become fully immersed in the ongoing expansion of the human race.

For the New Paris prison facility, the CS faction retained control, and with the RND forcing policy, managed to set up automated dispatch outposts connected to Port Control settlements in order to allow "business as usual". It seems prison facilities would run, like every other, however with the added push to ensure prisoners remained productive.

There are however, private companies who grew out of old earth who have emassed enough wealth to head-hunt settlement leaders, and have been making waves by acquiring planets and systems in the effort to privatise and rebuild abandoned regions of space, for profit.


The surface of New paris is mainly desert, with beauty spots and bucolics in the far north western regions of the planetoids only continent. At the very centre, of one of the largest desert plains, is a maxium security prison facility. staff present at the facility are housed in an "L" shaped community on the outside walls of the prison.

Beyond the facility are desolate, hostile lands, mountains, and canyons - all of which are the home to a variety of carnivorous predators.

Inmates within the prisoners are serving life-for-life sentences, without a chance of release or parole.

Influence under the CS faction has worn thin over the decades. New Paris was originally expected to support the region with the development of vast farmlands, however that potential was never realised. Prisoners were however made to work, regardless of the meager outcome of their crop.

New Paris had most recently become a testing ground for new tech for the safety and security of private investors. Life long prisoners were adapted with biomechanical limbs to improve their farming quota. It was expected that prisoners would work long and hard without tiring. The prototype had become successful even though the CS and RND alliance had already parted ways.

The future of New Paris had never been far from the minds of those who worked there, but as contracts from Superitendent to cleaning staff only lasted five years, there was never a long term invested interest in said future. Only the prisoners sent to New Paris would ever need to speculate what was to become of them and their life there on the desert wastelands of New Paris.

Scars Rift is an entertainment federation, is one of the most poweful entertainment entities to exist beyond old Earth. They operate, with automony and self determination, away from the authority of the off world colonies. They are known for their association with 'blood sport' events. Their ambition is to be first entity to expand their field, and push the envelope to the limits of legality. Opportuny arrose as the CS faction Those who participate in Scars Rift entertainment events do so by their own volition, as excommunicated members of the off-world colonial census registry.

Scars Rift follow, in the wake of the colonies 'corridor', and take possession of abandoned and/or uninhabitable planets, with the sole purpose to utilise them as venues for 'hunt to kill' engagements.

Any colonial or otherwise disclosed populations - which fall within the former CS and RND colonial census - must be moved along before completion of purchase.

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